The Employability Quotient Decoded

Piyush Sandhane

Simple practices to be job ready and build an employable personal brand from campus to corporate

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About the Book

This is book is the outcome of all the initiatives I took right from earlier times which made me stay a curious learner at every stage. I wish to pass some simple yet powerful practices with students who look forward for their first jobs, have a progressive career ahead and want to discover the true meaning of being 'Employable'. It is the combined learning and wisdom over many years that gave shape to this book. Age is not a criterion for this read. Start early to make that key difference in your professional journey ahead. I have interacted with many students during my workshops and have spoken about Employability, Personal Branding and all the related factors around getting a desired job with a deserved pay package. Yes, deserved pay package and not desired pay package. Some of my observations about students: • Not knowing why they have chosen a particular course • What they want to derive out of the same and how they want to implement along their learning journeys. And • How it will contribute to their career in the long run? This book is for you if you are on campus, learning and working hard on sculpting you into a fireball of talent and wanting to catapult yourself to reach the maximum heights of your career. If you are looking for simple approaches to start the process towards building your personal brand, then this book is for you. Go ahead, decode the word 'Employability' in simple action and commitment plans. Even If you just want land into your desired jobs, this book is for you. Benefits of reading • Build your career value along with your academic engagements. • Understand the 6 magic words who are your friends for life. • Change your perspective towards being ready for a job and an employable brand. • Enhance your productivity by using the suggested technology platforms. • Most importantly work towards building the brand ‘YOU’.

About the Author

With 13+ years of enriching corporate and professional experience, Piyush Sandhane has reached out to more than 10,000 individuals through his creative engagement programs, workshops and public speaking events. He is an influential orator and an expert in Behavioral Training and Professional Development Programs. He holds Masters Degree in Media Business Management and is also a Branding Strategy & Marketing Communication Consultant for many businesses. He believes in designing innovative concepts and approach to Life Skills training. He looks forward to seize opportunity and convert formal and boring topics, subjects into a much involved learning platform for participants. He initiated SPEAKIYO – an online platform for all to share inspiration through real people, business, innovation, startups, social causes, art and change maker stories and articles. He has coined many formats like BRIDGES (Branding Related Ideas, Design, Growth and Engagement Strategies) for startups; Discover Your Employability Quotient (EmQ), Earn your Bread for students, Incubation Center for Entrepreneurs (ICE) and Presentation Methods based on his signature method called IOC. Being a creative thinker, Piyush always strives to get solutions to better situations.

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