From Dilkashi Till Death

Parakram Singh, Faizan Ahmed

Mehak knew that day who was there in the room, she could remember his face rather she would say 'his beautiful face'. But, for the world it was Daksh. Some say Daksh loved her then why would he do this to Mehak, but a poet says that love is a very strong feeling and can make you do things you can't even imagine. ACP Siddharth who has himself a failed marriage has now only one love that is his cigarette and driving on roads in lonely nights, will he bother to find the mystery behind what actually happened. One can only find the truth of the mystery in the seven stages of love: 'From dilkashi till Death'


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About the Book

They say there are seven stages of love which starts from dilkashi (attraction) and which ends with maaut (death). Everything was going merry between two 17 year-old's Mehak and Daksh who was profoundly in love with each other, but a month later Daksh ends up in jail and Mehak ends up in a place she couldn't have imagined. What has happened between the two? What Mehak remembers is a shadow of a boy who is pointing a gun towards her and is shivering and only has to say that he loves her! Was it that boy was Daksh or is it someone hiding behind the lock door? ACP Siddharth who is completely disinterested with the case has to unveal the mystery. But mind you will he? Welcome to 'From Dilkashi till death' where there's everything betrayl, thrill, crime, suspense, jealousy, passion, aggression and lastly love, because as the wise poet says love is what all we seek, but love does not come alone... Pre-order now to see it on paper!

About the Author

Parakram Singh is a 22-year old writer from Kota, Rajasthan. He completed his engineering in 2017, and worked in an IT company for a while, but soon left it to pursue his passion. As he puts it he rather considered a simple life than sitting in traffic jams for hours in the big city and doing a job which pays peanuts considered the living standards of the city and takes away everything from you. 'From Dilkashi till death' is his first book which he wrote along with his childhood school friend Faizan Ahmed. Faizan Ahmed is a 23 year old engineer from Kota Rajasthan

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