Anomaly Wordings

Jashn Maloo

Collection of poems written by a teen on peace, love, positivity, wars, negativity, and confidence.


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About the Book

Anomaly wordings contain some poems which are written on some mindblowing topics like negativity, positivity, peace, love, confidence, etc. While studying, a student suffers from stress, nervousness and what not. To point out these certain issues and to encourage positive thoughts, the author wrote these in light of nature's love. The poems are quite relatable to the youth who looking for faith and trust from the people surrounding them. And because poetry is going far from the modern world, it is also a small tribute to all the greatest poets ever lived, without them, people would not be able to connect them with this literature world. Welcome to Anomaly Wordings, some relatable, touching, motivating poems made by heart's talks with pure heart and gentle mind in the presence of nature to avoid suicides, Negativity. While nature's love is eternal, when we keep our attachment strong with mother Earth, we find ourselves surrounded by nature's love.

About the Author

Jashn, from Jaipur, India is a teen who believes in knowledge, curiosity, work, and trust. Getting bored in 10th board examinations, he started writing lyrics and then poems. With dreams to be a successful entrepreneur, he is also looking forward to steps involved in the deterioration of negativity and cancer from this world.

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