Timeless & Boundless...Love

Amber Jain

Timeless and Boundless lovestory


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About the Book

Story unfolds the love of a pure spirit, who, only for the sake of her love refused paradise but instead accepted the life of human in this imperfect world, to meet the love of her life. She knew that he may or may not love her. But her love for him was pure. Few years after taking birth as human, despite their age differences, both were attracted towards each other which made their love boundless and timeless.

About the Author

Amber Jain, aged 27 years, hails from Delhi but from last 10 years residing in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He was lot more interested in cooking and photography rather than studying. Somehow, or better say, he dragged his school life. And after that he decided to take up a career in hotel management. He even cleared its preliminary examination and got admission in one of the reputed college for pursuing the same. But fate has a habit of taking twists and turns and nothing ever ends, that, happily as we think! His “family” and his “society” pressurised him to continue only “academics”, because every middle class boy has to earn only and only in a job. That’s inherited and that’s final. So, he took admission in BCA against his will. But, he was unable to cope up with the increasing pressure and eventually dropped out in second year of BCA. After that he cleared CS Foundation but was failed in CS Executive. And finally the Academics phase of life ends here! After academics, he had to earn. So, he started as a dealer in Automobile spare parts which did not work out well for him. And then, he opened consecutively two restaurants, firstly in Jabalpur and then in his hometown, Ahmednagar. They didn’t also yielded any profits to him. After this, he completed his course in Digital Marketing and received his certification from GOOGLE ADWORDS and ANALYTICS. Currently, he is a freelancer in Digital Marketing and more can be known from his page on social media like Instagram and Facebook as Odyssey Folio. His major breakthrough to prove his writing skills was when he was hit by the failure in his restaurant business. This inspired him in weaving his thoughts into stories.

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