The Birth of a Fairytale

Swarindra Mukherjee

It's a collection of eight modern short stories that intrigues it's readers to rediscover the lost fairytale in their lives through exploring the variety of characters showcased in it.

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About the Book

Surya and Vasundhara give birth to their daughter Mrittika, but she becomes a land of sand due to her ignorance and pride; Neel loses his love for his bohemianism, Ujjaini sacrifices her love for Neel’s success and Rupsha endures the pain of an unrequited love in spite of being the wife of her loved one; circumstances and sentiment create distance between Nilaj and Sayantan, however, they get the fervour back after ages; Shruti witnesses her lover being murdered in front of her eyes, in course of searching for the truth she discovers a shocking psychological twist in a human character; Utsav is leagued with an unconventional relationship to wipe out the stigma of insanity from an artist’s life; Ratnadip whimsically involves himself in a homosexual relationship whereas his destiny makes him marry the girl whom he loved once; Padmini confesses her love story with a porn-star before her son after twenty years of her husband’s death; a father discovers true love in his daughter’s life like a fairytale.

About the Author

Swarindra Mukherjee was born in the ‘small land of the moon’, Chandannagar in India, where he lives. If there’s anything the writer loves the most it is his passion for love. And it is this energy that drives him to illuminate characters that love endlessly. Professionally a teacher, the writer is an intense observer of human characters with a compelling strength of storytelling that makes him adorable to his readers. His stories are amazing tales of love, relationship, separation, hatred and despair. This is his first ever collection of short stories that have been written over a decade. Mukherjee is a teacher of English Literature for the past several years.

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