60 Things Your Dad Won't Tell You


This book contains transcendental knowledge which might be unpalatable to atheists , liberal and free thinkers.Parental discretion is advised even for children reading this book who also might find it difficult to cope with it


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About the Book

There are so many people who believe in god but why are they not the happiest & wealthiest of all? You will rarely see good , kind , gentle people facing embarrassing situations , why? Do Indian mantras work? After reading this you might on your own get answers to all the above questions. GEAR UP FOR A WONDERFUL JOURNEY!!!! Reading this book is fun for most of the people but to the few other serious people who are terribly unsatisfied by their present way of living and who seriously believe there is much more to this life of theirs than mere materialistic gains and who want to understand the delicate and miniscule intricacies of the working of our universe and our lives in general. I appreciate your concern and will be grateful for your interest. It brings me great pleasure to tell you things which no one else did , but just like a king has no worth without his people same is here for the book which has no worth without those few curious deserving seekers. This book’s sole purpose was to acquaint those readers with their life purpose to bring them one step closer to the divine and the infinite opportunities that lies before them within one’s own life in the land of wisdom – INDIA and to make them materialistically satisfied and spiritually advanced in this life itself.

About the Author

The author was born in a Brahmin community in Bihar, India. Since born and brought up in a very conservative and religious well to do Hindu family he was always in search of understanding Hindu religion deeply. He completed his matriculation from a Christian missionary school and took science after that and got his engineering degree from a reputed college .He was a senior lecturer of physics for a year before joining as a engineer in one of the largest steel companies in the world. When asked about why he took science instead of arts or history for understanding god he would only answer in his same rhetorical style if a science student says he doesn’t believe in science he first should be at least to understand it and then understand it’s limitations and he should be able to answer why when asked by the public. Currently his whereabouts are unknown and his works are published secretly with different names.

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