Adarsh Nayan

THE TRODDEN LIFE is not just a fiction novel , its a collection of words that describes the feelings of a teenager and the trodden ciruumstance that he faces to reach an eternal oblivion, to sing the song of his life.


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About the Book

The story revolves around a small town boy, a resident of the city of waterfalls Ranchi, Ansh, exceptionally brilliant in academics and a child with a crystal clear future and a life with no complains. But certainly at the age of 16, he decides to take drugs as his destiny and life as a joke , finally he ends up slashing his wrist and allowing himself rest in peace with a piece of paper describing his apathy.The biggest dilemma contrary to the situation was that fate had rejected his application for rejection of his life and life had some other plans for him. His parents who believed that he was their love of life started misunderstanding him and ended up sending him far away from his home town to amritsar, where he learnt the sole gratitude and meaning of life. The story follows Ansh through the intense days after suicide , as his experience lead him to question the whole idea of survival before he comes to realise that every second that one decides to survive is by the chances he gets and the choices he makes. This is a moving and uplifting song to life , one that reminds us that every moment in our life is special and precious and has a meaning to teach. The trodden life is full of tragic and dramatic incidents that a youngster goes through inspired by true stories, it has a special message to give and an unpredictable ending for all those who are searching the meaning of love in their life. The dilemma is, life gives a bouquet of opportunities at each and every death step , intelligence is how many of them can find it?

About the Author

ADARSH NAYAN is a young ignited and passionate 18 year old, blogger, writer and a travel enthusiast . He is presently studying BBA(Bachelors of business administration ) from Birla institute of technology, Mesra , Off campus NOIDA.He was born and brought up in RANCHI, JHARKHAND. He has completed his schooling from SARALA BIRLA PUBLC SCHOOL , RANCHI and SURENDRANATH CENTENARY SCHOOL , RANCHI. Apart from all these he seek to always chase his dreams , with a paint of destiny and responsibility. THE TRODDEN LIFE is his debut novel and as he says the best one is yet to come.

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