Tanhaiyon Ke Saaye

Vikas Sharma "Daksh"

Daksh Ki Kalam Se ....... Tanhaiyon Ke Saaye


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About the Book

"Tanhayion Ke Saaye" is a collection of poems in 'Azaad Ghazal" style from the pen of Vikas Sharma "Daksh". Urdu Shayari, over last few years had seen a decline, for most of the contemporary poets failed to understand that present day generation, though fond of Urdu shayari, has little understanding of Urdu language. The present book is going to change the concept of Urdu Shayari as is known to young people. Penned in simple words, "Daksh" has made an effort to reach out to masses with his 100 Azaad Ghazals here. Free-flowing words do make one think and ponder as the words touch the depth of one's heart. We believe, not only this book will enthrall you with mystique and splendor of Urdu Poetry, but will also prove to be a milestone in the way Urdu Poetry is said today. We hope you will be reading and re-reading these poems !

About the Author

Daksh born on 3-6-1965 in Shimla, Himachal is a versatile poet. He writes in English, Hindi and Urdu. He has an unique style of writing free-flowing poetry, which compels you to think and touches your heart. He has always been an advocate of the thought that the poetry must change according to times. Most of the young generation is not well-versed with Urdu language and still wants to read quality Shayari from contemporary poets. His style of saying his verses in simple Urdu have touched hearts of hundreds of his fans, who wait anxiously for his posts every day on social platforms such as Facebook. His page "Daksh Ki Kalam Se.... " is one of the most liked pages of Indian poets on Facebook. To reach the common man in his own language his effort of Vikas Sharma 'Daksh'. For this reason the present book though of Urdu Shayari is in Devanagari script.

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