Shailesh Nigam

This is a tell-all book that exposes the shocking reality behind many half-truths told to us by various people and professions. It brings forth some ugly truths that impact our thoughts, our finances and our very lives everyday, without us ever realizing the same.


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About the Book

Do doctors always reveal their true diagnosis? Do doctors follow the same treatment path for curing their loved ones or themselves in case of a terminal illness? Or... do they choose a completely different path for themselves? Do celebrity endorsements really work? Does consumer loyalty exist anymore? Do brands ever succeed in becoming our friends? Exactly how do brands manipulate our thinking and our purchase decisions, and woo us into loving them? Pornography is a bad word, but is pornography all bad? Have the pioneers of porn done anything to make our lives richer and safer? Has pornography impacted our everyday lives hugely, without us even realizing it? Answers to these and many more everyday questions that will shock you to your core. Issues that directly impact your choices, your finances, your happiness and your very life. Coming soon in a book that goes beyond all the hype to bring forth the truth, by deciphering decades of data and by obtaining candid feedback from the specialists. To reveal what you could never have suspected. This book intends to expose what all is wrong with various things & issues that impact us everyday. This is a book that will change the way we look at things by exposing how various professions & various industries manipulate us everyday. This is a book that EVERYONE needs to read. Prepare to be shocked!

About the Author

Shailesh Nigam was born in 1970 and spent the early years of his life in a 100-years old haveli (mansion) in the Walled City Area of Old Delhi. Upon completion of his education, Shailesh started working in the advertising & marketing industry, working with leading organizations like JWT, Publicis, Digitas & Razorfish. In his 24 years of professional life, Shailesh has led many successful and highly-acclaimed campaigns for many leading global & Indian brands including HP, Microsoft, MetLife, Adidas, Pepsi, Samsung, Hero Honda and ITC. Shailesh has played multiple roles in his professional life - brand strategist, relationship manager, business development specialist, creative head, his last corporate role being ‘Chief Strategy Officer - APAC, Solutions-Digitas’, before finally venturing out on his own to launch his own eCommerce portal, But what he enjoyed the most throughout his varied career was writing, something that has always been close to his heart. Shailesh is an avid blogger and loves writing on & issues that are essentially Indian in nature. He writes on topics ranging from cricket to fashion to economy to current affairs to everything under the sun. He enjoys writing in a certain style... essentially humorous & satirical, with a tongue in cheek approach. He maintains two blogs. The first – – discusses various issues like sports, politics, economy, et al. The second – – focuses on cricket, cricketers & various aspects around the sport. Shailesh's literary works include short stories, essays, poetry and marketing-related articles. He is the published author of a well-received short eBook based on a short funny tale of a wannabe cricketer. He also has many other published works in various leading Indian dailies. Shailesh also authors a website,, which he initially co-authored with the renowned cricket commentator, Harsha Bhogle. The website provides management lessons from the cricket field to C-level executives. You could catch Shailesh at

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