Virtually True

Gaurav Ghildiyal

This book is all about a guy Tushar who meets a girl Arohi through Facebook coincidentally and magic happens. They start acknowledging each other on daily chats, and got affected. Just after their commitment they departed to different cities miles apart for their graduation. They had nothing except phone calls And whats aap texts which kept the leigh of their bond tight. They were distant in the eyes of the crowd but together in there own virtual world. This story is not the ordinary romance ‘a-boy-meet-girl-story’ well they do meet but virtually, the trauma they face, the struggles of being independent and making their life count love crossed their way ! This is a tribute to never ending friendships, blow of reality and tie of love , all virtually !


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About the Book

It is the story about a guy who parted with his love at early phase of life. The girl departed from this world but he kept her alive in his heart. He was a basketball player and whenever someone asked him about his love life, he used to say “basketball is my love”. He talked to her sometimes in solitude and he had no room for anyone else. Love cannot happen again because it had already endured. Love is something he considered immortal and he was clinched to her soul. When everyone was struggling with their studies of final exams, he got riveted with another girl named Arohi, through an unexpected and astonishing way on Facebook. Her fun loving, persuasive and tomboy sort of personality attracted him. They were good friends and both of them had a past not the same but some pages quite bound with each other. Soon they started empathizing each other. One day something happened between them, like a spark and they felt infatuated with each other. Both of them never hoped to be in love again so they shared their past with each other. When they saw love is running their friendship, they both took a step back and finally somehow came on track back again and became good friends. They were ignoring love part which was already jeweled up in them but not for long. One day she proposed him saying that she accepted his past and she is not soliciting him to replace his 1st love, but giving her a different place in his heart. He accepted her comprehending no harm in that. He started off with his new life taking his past into consideration together. Both conjointly making pace alongside. Soon after they got committed, endured as new couple of a small town who got separated as time worked on them, into two big cities which were miles apart. Love is multi faceted genre for people- happiness, invulnerability, sacrifice, strength. But for those in a long-distance relationship, love becomes a wireless network through which they liaise. It is also a test of their patience as they keep loving each other without sharing the physical vicinity on a daily basis like others do. They wait eagerly for that day when they’ll get a chance to see each other again. And when they do, they make the most of it.

About the Author

Gaurav is a 19 year old guy, born and brought up in an army family. He too wanted to walk in the shoes of his dad but he failed to clear his nda exam. He was good at basketball but never thought of excelling in that genre. He did his high schooling from army public school Roorkee and doing graduation from Sggs collage at Chandigarh. He is an explorer, with a zeal for traveling places. Wanderlust ad daydream was an add on to his great interest in writing since he was in 9th standard. He was never serious about his life, always remained a fatalist. He use to live with a thought of something different each day in his life, this thought was a reason to make his parents worry about him a bit. But somewhere inside them even they believed their son will do something what He has decided for himself. Pursuing his dream and making a name he is now exploring the field of writing.

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