This can't be happening!

Neha Singh

This story is about Lavanya’s journey riddled with a search for the many meanings of love and friendship impacted by a haunting and mysterious past.

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About the Book

When Lavanya decides to pursue her Doctoral degree in biotechnology little does she know that her life will entangle itself with people who will awaken in her new levels of consciousness about the meaning of friendship, true love, sacrifice, jealousy, pain and above all about the crests and troughs that accompany the whole process of research. She is in for a lot of new surprises and a journey riddled with a search for the many meanings of love and friendship impacted by a haunting and mysterious past. The secrets which torment her at times, but the ones she tries to keep at bay with the help of her soul buddy Shreya. Shreya has plans of her own for Lavanya, trying to fix her with a lobster (you need to read it to know it) and eventually introduces Siddhartha aka Sid to her. Will Lavanya find her love in Sid? Will she be able to fulfill her quest for a cause that is very important to her? Will she finally be able to overcome her worst thoughts about herself? All this and dash of friendship, sibling's love and the thought process of the youth of today has been put together in a simply crafted story. This can’t be happening!!!!! Or is it??

About the Author

Neha has a doctoral degree in Biotechnology from the reputed Panjab University, Chandigarh and has wide interests ranging from scientific research, online research, storytelling, social causes like child abuse awareness, and sports. She is the youngest of four daughters of an Army officer. She has traveled all over India since childhood and experienced diverse cultures and feels she belongs to India. Her love for writing started in childhood, when she started reading books and penning down her thoughts. However, she didn't pursue writing as a professional career and her academic pursuits kept her busy. Off late, she has again picked up writing for fun. She loves the challenge of knowing how and why of everything under the sun and likes to write about wide variety of topics. “This can’t be happening!!!” is her maiden venture inspired by her times as a research scholar in Panjab University. She is currently residing in Panchkula, Haryana.

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