Anand Gopalakrishnan

The Third Eye is an Indian Myth-Mystery Novel which falls in the Young Adult Fiction Genre. It is the first book in the three book Advaita Series. More information about the series can be seen in its Facebook Page:


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About the Book

In the dystopian future 100 years from a catastrophe decimated earth, all human emotions have been eradicated and human mind is conditioned to feel only singular emotion of happiness. In the city of Arohiti ruled by a higher authority called the Ananda Paksha, freedom and individual thinking is considered a sin. Every individual in Arohiti exists solely to serve the Ananda Paksha. Professions are decided by the headmen at the paksha and categorized as different levels in the society termed as 'Satvan'. Three individuals belonging to different 'Satvan': Medicine, Engineering and Policing are brought together on account of an incident which introduces them to a 12th Century Mystic who gives them a Mystic Lotus. The paksha is after this Mystic lotus and the trio has to protect it from them to unveil secrets which will not only lead them to a path of self discovery but also towards a World they never knew existed.

About the Author

Anand Gopalakrishnan is a Software Technical Architect who lives in Washington DC. He is a certified Film Screenplay writer under the guidance of Paul Castro ( of August Rush Fame.

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