Times Square

Dhiraj Bakshi

"Dig into contemporary love and romance, mystery,conspiracy, and mayhem in New York, 009, Dove enters with a mission to bankrupt a ruthless Pakistan agent, who's been on a bad luck streak at the immortal game."


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About the Book

Set up in New York at the Square-Les-Time, "Times Square" is a contemporary story of 009, Dove... Rock Dove, Director of Military Intelligence on the verge of his retirement at the age of eighty dispatched to America to play the game of his life so as to uncover the mystery of THE TIMES. During his assignment at "Times Square", Eighty year old "Rock Dove" fell in love with thirty five year old beauty "Queen" signifying human bonds of relationship and romantic love between two people,having an "emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending." The relationship of love and romance "impact each decision they make and increase the tension of the suspense as it propels the story. The central theme of story of love and romance relationship revolved across THE TIMES. Covering the concept of past life events of previous world, THE TIMES was the financial institution as well as American Newspaper and weekly news magazine published in New York City of America. THE TIMES OF ISLAMIC STATE office in London was one of the largest branded media companies in the world reaching more than 200 million people each month across multiple platforms. Different branches of THE TIMES spread across world having name of TIME attach with their organization in the beginning, middle or end displaying events of Allah (Time) through various mediums like Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Social Media while playing crucial roles in coordination's of malefic and benefic events which take place across world from time to time on decrees of THE TIMES (Almighty or Allah). White Knight borrowed hundred million dollars from Time's funds for development of Soviet Jihad and Raging war against India and Western Nations. Connections of some influential American and Pakistan Politicians with THE TIMES and with the secrets of September 11 attacks, Role of Islamic States in America, England and India, London Bombings, Russian Plane Crash in Egypt, A series of coordinated terrorist attacks, consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking, occurred in Paris, the capital of France, and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis outside the Stade de France,Indian Parliament and Mumbai Attacks, American Embassy Bombings across world and botched up American Elections in which THE TIME's men was selected as President of United States are just some examples of high profile mysterious events of THE TIMES. The connection of THE TIMES, with ISIS and Al-Qaeda becomes a centre stage of investigation by Intelligence Agencies. One of Time's most deadly agents, the man known only as "White Knight," has been a central target of the Military Intelligence for years. For the first time in history, Chess Olympiad was organized in "Times Square". Professionals from across world assembled to check their destiny of life. Put on stake the price money of hundred million dollars. White Knight, intelligent, cunning, knowledgeable never been under the grip of Intelligence of various nations. Being eighty years of age, well aware of rules of this game that champions are selected only through Check-Mate. This immortal game is not a physical battle of nations but a struggle of intellects, nerves, arteries and blood cells of players representing their nation in this competition. If Dove can expunge out his banknotes, White Knight will likely be "retired" by his organization in America. But what if the pieces of chess won't cooperate? After a ferocious night at the immortal tables, Dove soon finds himself eluding would-be assassins, combating off brutal persecutions, and going all-in to save the life of his beauty compeer, Queen.

About the Author

Author of more than 30 books in Astrology series published by Amazon, Create Space, USA. Books Purchased by readers of U.S., U.K., Europe, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, China and Italy.

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