Life Goes On: There always exists... a plan

Sanjeev K Mall

Life Goes On written in the dark hazy nights of winter where the writer succumbs to the tranquility of nature and its beauty and set in the late 2010s.


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About the Book

A tale of two high school friends Sameer and Arti who are busy making their own story. But Sameer plans to expose the bitter truth of their story but not to Arti... then to who? Based on true story. Let's find out. He knows her History, She know his Mystery. He knows her Geography, She can write his Biography. From her Periodic Oscillations, To his Angular Accelerations. She loves his Family, He hates her Dynasty. She turns Red, as he kisses her forehead. Two friends, even closer than the inter-nuclear distance. Fortunately, that He was not Me. But unfortunately, that Her was She. Watch On!

About the Author

Imagist Author Sanjeev K Mall was born in 1996 and raised up in Aligarh city of Uttar Pradesh and currently is pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology. Quiet introversion and introspection in Life gave him a flair for the words to pen down his silence. He is a deep thinker, conscientious and sensitive minded person. He is short spoken and believes that he can better elucidate himself through writing rather than speaking. "Life Goes On" is his debut book which he penned down at the age of 16. "A silent boy has much more to say than a voluble one, it's up to you, how much you can dig out of him."- He says. He writes fictional short stories, Novellas and poetry in English and plays guitar, drums, keyboard and a lot more. Check him at

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