GATE-2016 Architecture and Planning Notes

Engineered Dreams

The one and only kind of book to prepare for GATE-2016 Architecture and Planning


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About the Book

The book includes extensive study material for the syllabus of GATE-2016, Architecture and Planning. The comprehensive notes cover all the syllabus of the exam. The exclusive previous years' statistics for the topics in the syllabus is the bonus for your studies.

About the Author

ENGINEERED DREAMS is a setup for the spread of the various career related opportunities for young Engineers and Architects. Young Engineers generally have many doubts, many questions; but they often not get their queries answered. So, we are here to answer their career related queries, to guide them and to assist them and to bring them all in the mainstream of qualified & successful specialists. ENGINEERED DREAMS provides a world of opportunities for students who aim to pursue quality education. ED provides you access to quality education to prepare for competitive exams such as GATE.

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