WFP Books Catalog 2014-2015 [Sample Project]

White Falcon

Catalog of books published by White Falcon Publishing.

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About the Book

This is a catalog of books published by White Falcon Publishing. White Falcon Publishing, is one of the fastest growing self-publishing companies in India which has built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing Platform for publishing books. White Falcon Publishing assists authors in self-publishing their books for Global Distribution. We provide affordable Self-Publishing Plans and 100% Profit Share to authors. Authors can also create Custom Publishing Plans, based on their requirements. We publish fiction, non-fiction, art, science, technology, poetry and regional books. Through collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse print-on-demand providers and book distributors we make the books available for sale in various countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Australia. In India, the books are sold on major eCommerce platforms such as, Flipkart, Paytm and ShopClues. Books published through our print-on-demand platform never go out-of-print.

About the Author

White Falcon Publishing, with its professional services (such as book cover design, interior design, editing, etc.) helps authors in transforming their raw manuscripts into beautifully enhanced books available online for global market. White Falcon Publishing provides all relevant author services at the most reasonable prices. A variety of plans are provided for the ease of the author. However, it isn’t mandatory for one to choose only the plan and get stuck, even if certain services aren’t required. We also provide custom plans to facilitate you to get your book published. The author is not mandated to purchase any copy of the book. You pay only for the publishing services. White Falcon Publishing also provides various marketing services. We provide a book page with author’s biography, book details, etc. on our website.

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